Favorite Articles

I get asked a lot about getting into game UI/UX design, and I've written a few things on the topic. Here's a collection of articles you may find useful if you're looking for information on the subject. 

The Path to Game UI Design (5 part series)
I wrote a five part blog series on getting into game UI design. If you're looking for information on getting into game UX design, start here -- much of the information is still applicable. I'm planning to add another part to this series to address UX design specifically.

"This UX Thing" Blog Q&A Column
I write a regular blog feature here in which I answer common questions about UX.

The Evolution of UX Design in Games
This article talks about how User Experience Design in games evolved from the days of early UI design, where there were few to no people specialized in the subject. You may find this useful if you're interested in moving from a career outside of games in UX to one in the game industry.

My Shared Evernote Collection of UI/UX Articles
For several years I've been collecting articles on UI/UX design in a publicly-shared Evernote notebook. The articles range from how-tos to tips to in-depth design perspectives. You may find this useful if you're looking to find out what UI/UX design is. 

My Articles on Medium
I've been writing some of my UX-related articles on Medium. You'll find a few here that have become popular, such as "Don't Be Afraid of a Pencil", an article on sketching for communication.

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