I've been knitting for twenty-five years and spinning my own yarn for nearly fifteen years. I currently have four alpacas that provide me with my own fleece to work with, and I'm hoping to have a few more someday. Fiber work is a very serious hobby of mine, and I stream the process of making yarn and preparing fiber for spinning on my Twitch channel. I also have a small online shop for my herd and fiber arts work, The Glorious Grazers

Why do I make yarn? I do it for many reasons, but one reason is because it's an awesome feeling to have taken something that came directly from a raw resource and take it all the way to something that's not only functional, but beautiful. The following is just a sample of recent things I've made in the years I've been spinning, some of which is yarn and some of which are things that I've knit from yarn that I've made. All of these items use my own alpaca fleece and involve the entire cleaning, carding, dyeing, and spinning process.