I can be found in all the usual social media places, but if you really need to contact me directly, here's a handy form.  But since I get a lot of emails, here are answers to a couple of common questions to save you time in emailing me. If your question isn't here, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch.

Q: Are you available for freelancing?
A: Sadly, no -- I currently balance a full-time job with a family with two small children and a herd of alpacas, and my day job requires me to avoid freelancing and other projects due to legal obligations.

Q: Can I pick your brain about getting into UI/UX in video games?
A: Absolutely! But before you email me, you should read my five-part series on becoming a video game UI/UX designer. This might answer a lot of your questions already. You'll also find other bits of related information on my Topics page. But if what you'd like to know isn't covered in either of those places, then feel free to contact me with your question. I write a regular blog post called "This UX Thing" and I may use your question (anonymously) in a blog post so that the answer can benefit others who might be wondering the same things.

Q: I'm a recruiter and I have a fantastic opportunity for you. Are you interested?
A: While I'm flattered, the answer is no -- and it's definitely no if the opportunity requires moving away from the Seattle area. I'm pretty settled in here with my family, and I'm currently very happy where I am.

Q: My question wasn't any of these. I still need to get in touch with you!
A: Great! Here's a handy form. Looking forward to hearing from you!   

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