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Sketches and Drawing

Recent Articles on Medium

I've been using Medium as my blogging tool of choice lately. It's pretty, it's slim and streamlined, and I enjoy its UX. Here's a collection of the recent articles I've published there.

Don't be Afraid of a Pencil - Here I discuss the concept of sketching as communication, and that drawing skills aren't required to sketch. And that you should be sketching.

UI: It's Not the Tool - Too many people think that making great UI means digging into Balsamiq Mockups or other wireframing tools. But UI goes beyond tools.

The Right Fidelity for the Job - Wireframes are only one part of the UX design process. Don't work at high fidelity when you're just trying to sort out early problems.

What Are Your Project's Design Pillars? - Every project has their foundational design principles, and every bit of design should always speak to those principles.

Learning to Draw

Like most kids, I drew constantly, and then sometime during my teenage years I stopped. I've been rediscovering it again, and having an iPad and a stylus while I'm doing my Momly duties makes it pretty easy to do.

Sketch Stuff: Disapproving Bear

I can't believe I've had my iPad for a while now and had never heard of Procreate, the sketching/painting app. I discovered it the other day when researching the Jot Touch stylus -- the upcoming pressure sensitive stylus from Adonit -- when looking for apps that might work with it.

Sketch Stuff: A Kid Quote

I've been digging the Paper app for the iPad lately. On first download, its simplicity is almost off-putting if you've used other drawing apps like Brushes or Sketchbook Pro.