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A Post About Legalizing Same Sex Marriage.

I have no horse in this race. I’m a 40-year-old straight, white woman. I’m married to my husband, and we have a son. I have acquaintances who are gay and some who are transgendered -- no one that I spend significant time socializing with (and I have plenty of non-gay and non-transgendered acquaintances I also don’t spend significant time socializing with), but people that I keep in touch with because I’ve crossed paths with them either in my professional life or via my hobbies, and I enjoy having them in my life.


A Proposal at Haystack Rock.

Matt and I took a trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon this past week, something that we had been dying to do for a while but really had to plan carefully -- I've been in crunch working on Monday Night Combat and didn't know exactly when we'd be out of that time period when all of us would be needed nearly 24/7, and he was going to be starting a new job on June 28th. The cabin we wanted would also only be available for so long and we knew that once he started work the chances of us being able to take a vacation so soon after that during the summer would vanish. We knew the timing would be dicey but we managed to squeeze it in this past week without too much havoc, so off we went on Monday. After we got to our beautiful little cabin right on the beach we decided to walk out toward Haystack Rock even though it was late in the day and a bit windy and cloudy. For those of you who are our age you already know Haystack Rock -- it's the huge rock that One-Eyed Willie's ship sails away from at the end of The Goonies. We picked a spot on some driftwood trees and just sat taking in the view with a little chit chat. All of a sudden, Matt got down on one knee and took out a ring, and he asked me to marry him.

So, yeah, our trip was pretty freakin' awesome.

The ring is one that Matt designed himself and had made at a Seattle jeweler -- he couldn't find anything, he said, that fit his definition of The Right Ring, something that he knew was totally me. So, being that he's an artist himself he decided to design it. The jewelers apparently balked at first but he said, "just trust me, guys, this'll work." Apparently at the end of the process they were suitably impressed and loved the ring so much that they took photos of it for their portfolios. It's definitely gorgeous.

My ring

There was a yarn shop in Cannon Beach, Coastal Yarns, that of course I stopped in. They had this huge hank of locally-produced 100% silk yarn in what I thought was a beautiful sea-ish color, a light, airy blue that really stuck out to me. I thought, hey, I could knit a shawl with this. Then I thought, hey, I can knit a wedding shawl with this -- it's not only knit from yarn bought on the trip where Matt proposed and is the color of the sea, reminding me of where we were, but it's also blue, an essential component of any wedding assemblage!

silk yarn

I spent a day wondering if instead I should spin the yarn that I would knit a wedding shawl out of, in order for it to be more personal. Eventually I decided that, no, occasionally it's perfectly acceptable to use yarn you didn't spin yourself to knit a very personal item when that yarn has a bunch of other factors that mean something to you -- in this case that it practically shouted at me in the store as being perfect in every aspect, from the fiber content to the yardage, from the color to the place and circumstances under which it was bought.

We're more excited than I can convey in a mere blog post and we have some planning to do because we don't feel the need to wait long. We still have people to update and things to plan. Exciting!



iPod, meet coffee. Coffee, iPod.

On the weekends where we don't have an agenda Matt and I have nice, relaxing morning routine: we get up and make coffee and/or tea and we sit on the couch upstairs looking at the latest headlines and such on my iPod. It's kind of our modern morning newspaper. I took the day off today after a couple of weeks of crunch time at work, so today was kind of like one of those weekends. Matt bought me that iPod for my birthday in June and had even had it engraved with my long-time gaming industry nickname: Hellchick. I knew I was going to love it -- I had really wanted one -- but I didn't realize just how awesome it was until I had it. I use it for everything. We have a wireless network set up at home and so I'd much rather curl up on the cozy couch to check up on email, Twitter, Facebook, and the news rather than use my PC, and in my fiber room I have an iPod dock to listen to music or my podcasts.

This morning I had put my rather large mug of coffee in my lap for a second while I went to navigate to something on my iPod. It slipped right out of my hands and down into my coffee mug. Ports down. Like it was docking with the coffee. It couldn't have slipped the other way where the case probably would have saved it. Oh, no.

I squealed and leaped up off the couch, ran to the kitchen, and grabbed paper towels. I dried it off as best I could and immediately started trying to dry the ports. But the iPod was already dying in my hands: the screen was flickering and it was getting dimmer...and dimmer...and dimmer. And soon all I could see was a barely visible Apple logo on the screen. The fact that I take coffee with cream and sugar -- nay, take some coffee with my cream and sugar -- was probably only making it worse.

Eventually, when I figured I couldn't get any more liquid out on my own, I set it down on the counter and vowed not to touch it until it dried out. Of course I couldn't help but finger the power switch helplessly hoping for a miracle. I felt awful, not just because I love my iPod but because it was a gift from Matt. For his part, though, Matt started making jokes immediately. "I'd post on Twitter, 'R.I.P. iPod 2010' but...well, I don't have an iPod to pull it up on now."

"Too soon!" I cried.

I hoped against hope the warranty would cover it, but this must be the world's most common iPod issue because it specifically mentions coffee on their warranty information as being something they will not repair damage from. Well, crap.

I went back to the couch and after heaving a heavy sigh, picked up my coffee and took a sip. "Tastes like technology," Matt said.


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Look, It's Really Very Simple.

I have a solution for preventing the bird flu epidemic that's threatening to wipe us all out: Don't have sex with birds. And if you must have sex with birds, always wear a condom.

Has the AIDS movement taught us nothing? Come on, people. We just need to apply a little restraint and moral conservatism here.

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