I'm still messing around a bit with the Pig Sandwich logo. I've been inspired by browsing dribbble lately and seeing the incredibly logo concepts posted there, so I thought I'd try some variations and see what I could come up with.

I like the texture on this one, but it's still lacking something. I didn't like how clean the lines were in my original vector drawing so I deliberately messed them up a bit, but they're still not quite right. Still, I like the feel of it and the text with the logo.

Pig Sandwich logo

I ditched the text for this next version and just wanted a nice, clean logo image with a little texture against a blood-red background. I think this one is my favorite.

Pig Sandwich

It's a little odd trying to create a logo for a bare, unformed concept. Normally you would have some entity to work around, something that gives the logo context. But here all I had was a vague idea so I'm not sure if it works. But regardless of that it's been a fun exercise.