It's unusual to find something whose design you like in your medicine chest. But I've found something in mine: the box of Band-Aids that's been sitting there on the shelf for the past several weeks. Every morning since it appeared there I've looked at it while brushing my teeth, and it recently struck me that I really like that little box's design, something that would normally go fairly unnoticed. Pharmaceutical products usually have package design that is at best unremarkable and at worst just really bad. Take this bottle of Ibuprofen that sits on the shelf next to the Band-Aids box.

ibuprofen bottle

It's just all over the place. The yellow banner, the multiple disjointed fonts...and why is there a red banner with the fragmented sentence, Our pharmacists recommend? Recommend what? But take a look at the clean design of the humble Band-Aid box next to it.

band-aid box

The whole design feels ever-so-slightly retro but classy and updated. The font is clean and very brand-aware. The blue is striking - when did you last see a box of strips for cuts that wasn't primarily white? In fact, compare it to an older box of Band-Aids that I found in our other medicine chest.

white band-aid box

And everything is so nicely aligned against the left edge instead of all over the place like on its uncouth cousin, the Ibuprofen bottle.What really makes me smile, though, is the top flap of the box. Not only is there a small overlap of a Band-Aid on one side that feels nicely placed, there's a cute little sentiment quoted on the top of the box, well-placed and formatted for visibility.

band-aid box

Seriously, I don't know who's doing Band-Aid's package design these days but it's adorable and stand-out.