There are two times every day when I have about twenty minutes in which I'm pretty limited in my activities. As a new mom who works and nurses, I have to disappear for about twenty minutes twice a day during the work day to go make some bottles for my son while he's in daycare. I can't do this at my desk since I work in an open office plan, and where I can do it has no wi-fi and only a tiny bench for me to sit on, and with my already limited mobility (being hooked up to small machinery) there just isn't much for me to do. When I can I do UI sketching and planning if I have that on my task list, but if I don't then I've been spending the time relearning how to draw. Like most kids, I drew constantly, and then sometime during my teenage years I stopped. I've been rediscovering it again, and having an iPad and a stylus while I'm doing my Momly duties makes it pretty easy to do.

One recent exercise I assigned myself was to take the Disapproving Bear sketch I did and try to draw the same character from different perspectives. For accomplished sketchers this is probably pretty trivial, but it's something I realized I didn't really just know how to do. But I sat down with the iPad, looked up some bear reference photos, and then started with the basics -- I realized that my bear was made up of two circles, a small one on top of a bigger one, and I knew where I wanted the perspective lines to be. Once I drew those and the nose, the rest just fell into place.

It's not like he's a masterpiece, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my little homework exercise. I think the next step would be to give him a bigger range of expressions.

Disapproving Bear 2