We own four alpacas. Not llamas, alpacas. Inevitably someone will come to the house that's never been there, a delivery person or door knocker, and they'll say, "cool llamas!" And then we have to correct them. You really can't blame them; llamas are more well-known than their smaller cousin, but it's always amused me how often we have to correct people. Cut to a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a new design side project to work on and for some reason I'd latched onto the idea of an infographic -- I'd never done one, and I thought it would be a good stretch of pure graphic design muscles. I thought about a topic I was passionate enough about to research facts on, and it wasn't about alpacas (despite the fact that I'm passionate about them enough to own four of them). When I mentioned my desire to do an infographic to my husband, he immediately said, "oh! The differences between alpacas and llamas! Since everyone thinks we have llamas." What a perfect topic, I thought, and shelved my other idea for another rainy day design project.

I had our friends and mentor farm Jo's Fleece Fields check my facts on this one. Everything we know about alpacas and llamas we've learned from them. If you'd like to see a much bigger version of the picture than what you get when you click, you can see the full size image on my Springpad notebook, "Finished Design Projects."

Alpacas vs. Llamas Infographic