I can't believe I've had my iPad for a while now and had never heard of Procreate, the sketching/painting app. I discovered it the other day when researching the Jot Touch stylus -- the upcoming pressure sensitive stylus from Adonit -- when looking for apps that might work with it. It's like all the beauty of Paper's tools but expanded, combined with the power of a full app like Sketchbook Pro. And the UI is awesome to boot. So I grabbed it and did a little sketching. I ended up with this, Disapproving Bear.

Disapproving Bear

I definitely prefer Procreate to Sketchbook Pro or Brushes, and while Paper is nice for quick ideas, studies, and UI designs, Procreate is really fun for doing some actual work in with layers and blend modes when you want to go further than you can in Paper (although Paper's deliberate design limitations are a fun constraint in and of themselves).

My next sketching/illustration homework assignment with Disapproving Bear will be to draw him from various angles, since I'm not very good at that at all.